Zeb Doors
“A door reminds me of the cover of a book; it can be intriguing and leave you wondering about what is inside. I want a door, like a book cover, to invite me to read on and get me excited about what happens next. Every door enters a different place and therefore can be its own unique entity. Let’s make our homes beautiful, fun and personalised.” 
Doors can be so much more than a plain panel slowing our movement between spaces. An environment can be improved profoundly by the design and clever use of materials. Sometimes the emphasis is on functionality; keeping sound in or out of a room, letting light in or controlling temperatures. At other times it can be on beauty alone or a combination of all of the above.
I like to have fun with not only shapes in timber, but also light and colour. If there is a hallway with down-lights behind a door, then a simple glass feature above it can look very effective. The light plays with the coloured glass as you walk toward it.

In the home shown above, I designed the glass, the door and the floor to work together, giving the space a sense of intended congruity that leaves the viewer feeling important; someone has paid attention to my experience.

Not only is there an opportunity to have doors in a home with individual styles, but the front and back of a door can also be different. This is shown in the photos above of the inside and outside of a front door.
Walking down a hallway is not the same as sitting in your home office or relaxing in bed. Let’s create environments that celebrate who we are, where we are and how we want to feel in our living spaces.