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My name is Zeb and I am a master craftsman and designer of high quality, one of a kind, freestanding and built-in pieces of furniture, kitchens and architectural joinery for both homes and businesses.

After 17 years of owning several Studios in different locations, I realised that my skills are best utilised in situ.

Before designing, I meet with my clients in their home or business premise for a consultation. When I design for a particular space I capture a special mood that belongs right there.
This will never happen the same again; every space is different, every client is different and therefore each piece I design and make is different.

I submerge myself in my creativity with reckless abandon and after many years of devotion to my craft, and the unwavering dedication to offering the very best service and quality I can, I have found that there is a pleasant symmetry between the enjoyment I experience creating beautiful environments and the fulfilment and joy my clients receive living with their unique creations.