Atlas Blocks Australia

I am pleased to announce my new product line: Atlas blocks Australia, an edition to my existing business consisting of handcrafted butcher blocks, stackable display/wine storage blocks and also chopping boards, pizza trays and charcuterie platters.

I launched my products recently at the beautiful Sutherland Estate winery in Dixons Creek, Victoria where they are available for purchase.

Atlas Stackable Blocks

The best feature about these stackable display/wine storage blocks is that they are multifunctional and can be used for many different purposes. Having had a retail shop for many years ourselves, we found that one of the most talked about features was how often the shop layout changed, giving the customer a new experience each time they visited.

Realising this, I designed these block to be interchangeable so that they provide the perfect opportunity to create a new and fresh display, in your home or business, on a regular basis. Each block connects to the one above and below, giving it stability and strength. To finish the stack, you can fit a seat or a flat top with an integrated down-light if desired.

In a winery, restaurant, foyer, office, waiting room or home, these blocks can be used as a room divider to create privacy for a function or divide a room permanently into different areas. They are so easy to reassemble, change around to create a completely different design and store. 

The blocks can be purchased with a removable diagonal shelf, making it perfect for wine storage in a home or a cellar. You can also order an adjustable timber or glass shelf ideal for creating a display unit. Below are some examples I’ve designed to show you the possibilities for a home or business premise.

Seating constructed from 3 stackable blocks with a seat on top.

Display/merchandise area for the centre of a space with the blocks facing all directions.

Room divider for a business premises or home that can be changed or taken away as required.

Temporary bar/counter for functions, which can be re-constructed  into a display unit afterwards.

Atlas Butcher Blocks

My range of butcher blocks is not only aesthetically pleasing, with various designs and materials to suit all spaces, but simultaneously extremely functional, adding bench space to a kitchen with ease. They have strong lockable castor wheels and a 10cm thick top of end grain wood, to handle serious meat production.

Atlas Boards

Our handcrafted chopping boards, pizza trays and cheese/charcuterie platters are crafted from a variety of woods and sizes.



For more information or to place an order, you can contact us on or visit Sutherland Estate winery in Dixons Creek, Victoria.